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April 16, 2013
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Shirou Akihiko by 0w0b Shirou Akihiko by 0w0b

plz accounts associated with Aki:

Add me in skype if you wanna rp there~ akihiko.shirou
Note me here if you wanna rp in dA ;3c

modified his stats~ ^w^/

» Name: Akihiko Shirou                                                        » Gender: Male
» Nickname/Codename: Aki*                                               » Age: 17 y/o
» Rank: Fighter                                                                   » Height: 175 cm
» Path: Neutral                                                                   » Species: Human

» personality:

Aki is a calm, and collected person. He is serious most of the time but sometimes he just do what he wants. He doesn't want anymore fatal injuries but when he does get injured, he will try to keep it in a minimum so he is very cautious although being merciless in battle. He is very loyal to those who he treats as superiors and will follow orders without question, he doesn't take orders from those who he recognize as weak or is not superior to him. He's not a solo act and he values a well planned strategy along with precise timing, coordination, and team work because it finishes the job quicker. He is a bit concerned and values the lives of his superiors so he is a little protective. He is very brutal in combat and does not flinch in the sight of blood. Killing has been part of him in order to survive up until now so it's no big deal.

» abilities/powers:

He has good reflexes and is very agile in combat. He can charge in on an enemy in light speed to strike a fatal blow with his knives. He can also turn his knives into a chained sickle, but he rarely do so.

» weapon(s)/fighting style:

Dual Kitchen Knives can transform into a Kusarigama after its engulfment from a white light. The chains can also extend or retract its length.

» biography:

Shiro/Shirou = White Akihiko = Bright
Aki constantly sharpens his knives to be in the best of shape in combat. It has been sharpened under prestige conditions that it almost reflect light just like that of a mirror. Most of his victims see a bright light before having sliced to death.

» history:

His earliest memory was being kept in a white room with a white clean bed, and a huge mirror at the side. he remembers the calming sound of a music box playing in the background. The only thing he could think about at that time was he needed to go home. But he couldn't remember where his home was. He couldn't even remember who or what he was. He remembers waking up strapped on a cold metal bed face down having excruciating pain on his back and the desire to kill. His first escape from that room was a bloody one. The once white room has now turned to red.

» Likes:
○ vegetables
○ healthy foods
○ COOKING healthy foods
○ his superiors
○ knives
○ army knives
○ sharp knives
○ KNIVES (⊙‿⊙✿)

» Dislikes:
● music boxes
● annoying people
● people threatening his superiors
● low ranks giving him orders
low ranks calling him 'Aki'*

» Additional Information:

∇ Headcanon Voice: [ [link] ] don't get me wrong, Aki is still a serious person =w=;
∇ He is a great chef and can work with any raw materials to make an awesome dish, though this has nothing to do with fighting, he just keeps this to himself.
∇ But seriously, Aki-kun is very fast in making deliscious dishes. His secret; he wont tell =w=;
∇ The reason how he knew his date of birth is because that was the only thing engraved on one of his dog tags
∇ Aki-kun is an Aries

*I've still yet to come up with a cool codename for him but call him 'Aki' for now ( ̄◇ ̄; )

Character & art © i h a s - c o o k i e s
app © #Tatakai-Club

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Bossu! please take good care of Aki-kun
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